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Trade Goods of Lýthia

The main emphasis of trade is the movement of goods that were plentiful in one region to another where they were scarce. For most historians of economic history it is the trade in exotic and high value items that catches our interests first. However, this trade was small in comparison to the trade in everyday necessities for the numerous cities and towns that dotted the civilizations of the medieval period. The same holds true for the Lýthia continent and the isle of Hârn. While the game system provides us with a price list that gives us an idea of their retail cost and from whom they are obtained it is not an all inclusive list. In addition, when it comes to price it assumes that goods in one location will always be the same in another. Although this makes game play easier, it is far from accurate. Take silk for example, at Melderyn it may cost xd per yard but in Tashal the cost could be twice as much or more due to transportation costs; see Transportation of Trade Goods

On these pages you will find descriptions of various goods that were traded throughout the world known to Western Europeans in the Middle Ages and are appropriate for trade throughout the environs of Lýthia. Many of the more exotic items may never find their way to Hârn itself or be so rare that they command extremely high prices. The majority of the goods coming from Eastern Lýthia arrive in Cherafir with the annual Larun from Karejia. Aside from these major shipment of eastern goods some eastern goods also make their way to Hârn on vessels from Trierzon, Palithane, Tarkain, Chelemby, and a few local Hârnic vessels that journey to the ports of these localities.