The Alienage
All Things Relating to Trade, Shipping, and Commodities

The Bonding House

Sir Tari of Venzynt - Bond Master to the Alienage

Welcome Good Sir

I am Sir Tari, the bondmaster for the Alienage, and it is my responsibility to ensure the King receives his share of all duties, fees, and tolls from goods coming into his kingdom. If you plan on selling goods within the city you must pay a hawking tax on the value of the goods you wish to sell. Why, we'll call it a customary fee on all sales due to the king. If you wish to store your goods prior to sale or shipment then you must place them in the king's protection here at the bonding house and pay a fee for the priveledge; of course, if you're a resident here in the city you may keep your trade goods at your own establishment.

Do not fret though, we are not just collectors of fees but also inspectors. All goods coming into the port and bound for any Melderyni ports must be inspected by my staff. What are we looking for you ask? Well, first of all we must ensure that all goods being brought into our fair city are true and uncorrupt. Its common practice for some mercantylers and merchants to import goods they claim to be one thing and in fact they are false or something entirely different. In addition, the king has proclaimed certain items banned from our shores, so it is our duty to search for and confiscate such items.

Lastly, my staff is an excellent source of information on goods that can be found throughout Western Lýthia. In the following pages you can expect information on taxes, smuggling and goods that can be obtained or found throughout the ports and cities of Western Lýthia.