The Alienage
All Things Relating to Trade, Shipping, and Commodities

The Bonding House

Duties Applied to trade
(Transportation Costs, Customs Duties, Taxes, and Tolls)

No mater where you go on Hârn or mainland Lýthia you will be faced with paying some king of fees, duties, or tolls on the goods you are wanting to sell or transport for sale in another location. Many of these fees are fairly standard in most civilized kingdoms and controlled by the Mangai. Others, such as tolls and customs vary depending on the kingdom and the desires and needs of the ruling authorities.

Below you will find some basic descriptions of these fees. More concise descriptions can be found on the attached pages.

Customs Duty:

A customs duty is a tariff or tax on the import of or export of goods. In England, customs duties were traditionally part of the customary revenue of the king, and therefore did not need parliamentary consent to be levied, unlike excise duties, land tax, or other impositions.


Sum levied on users of certain roads, canals, bridges, tunnels, and other such travel and transportation infrastructure, primarily to pay for construction and maintenance. Tolls were known in the ancient world and were widely used in medieval Europe as a means of supporting bridge construction.


A tax charged by a government, especially on an import.

Bonding Fees:

A fee paid to delay payment of a hawking tax by placing one's goods in bond, that is storing them in the government bonding house. Goods temporarily brought into a city, but destined for re-export, must be placed into bond. The fee is a minimum of one months charge and payable in advance. The average is 1% per month. - HârnPlayer

Hawking Tax:

A tax payable to the Bondmaster on all goods brought into the city to be sold, including raw materials for further processing, but excluding foodstuffs. The tax is usually a percentage of the consignment's value and averages around 10%. -HârnPlayer