The Alienage
All Things Relating to Trade, Shipping, and Commodities

The Bonding House

Shipping or the Movement of Trade Goods and Passengers

What is Shipping?

Shipping is the movement of goods and/or people from one location to another. The primary concern of shipping is the movement of commodities that are plentiful within one setting to another where they are lacking; all done in the search for a profit. As it has been in our own history, water borne shipping is by far the cheapest means of moving goods and people throughout the Hârnic isles.

Dominant Forms of Water Borne Shipping


Coastal shipping deals primarily with the redistribution of surplus commodities from one settlement to another, within the same region, having a shortage of those particular commodities. An example being, point ‘A’ may have a surplus of grain and ships it to point ‘B’ where grain is needed. In addition, exotic wares coming into the region, by way of long distant trade, are broken up into smaller lots and redistributed throughout the surrounding region for resale to those who can afford them. For example, a load of spices comes into Aleath, from Cherafir or points further a field. The load is redistributed by coastal traders to surrounding settlements or moved on to Golotha.

Inland Waterways

Inland shipping deals with much the same activities as coastal shipping but with a focus on the movement of goods and people along rivers and large inland lakes. For example, Coranan is a major trading center on the Thard River, all of its needs for food and raw materials are brought in by river craft and finished goods are send out using the same vessels.