The Alienage
All Things Relating to Trade, Shipping, and Commodities

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I bid you welcome. I am Sir Tari of Venzynt, Bond Master for the Alienage and chief agent for his majesty the King. If this is your first visit to the Alienage, then please read on; otherwise, please visit those areas that interest you on the above menu.

Merchant: a individual in a profession that deals with trade; specifically, dealing in commodities that they do not produce themselves, in order to acquire a profit from the proceeds.

Merchants can be into two types:

  1. A wholesale merchant operates in between the producer and the retail merchant. Some wholesale merchants only organize the movement of goods rather than move the goods themselves.
  2. A retail merchant sells commodities he has bought from a wholesale merchant or a local producer to consumers (including businesses), commonly known as retailers. A shop owner is a retail merchant.
A merchant class characterizes many pre-modern societies. Its status can range from high (even achieving titles like that of merchant prince or nabob) to low, such as in Chinese culture, due to the soiling capabilities of profiting from "mere" trade, rather than from the labor of others reflected in agricultural produce and tribute.

The Alienage is the name given to the foreign quarter of Cherafir, it is the dominant foreign market within Hârn. Foreigners are not allowed into the city proper without a pass from the bondmaster or one of his lieutenants. Once they have permission to enter the city they are not allowed to bring any of their trade goods or belongings with them until they have been inspected for contraband by the bondmaster or his staff. Many wonder, "How am I to get anything done here if I am confined to this quarter only?" Well, the truth is that the Alienage is the major commercial center of Cherafir. Most deals are conducted on its docks, within the bonding house, at a local tavern or inn. Even if foreigners were allowed to bring their goods into the city, most local merchants prefer to come into the Alienage and see what goods are available. So don't fret, the Alienage will take care of your needs. Read on to see what services are available in the Alienage for any enterprising merchant.

The Bonding House:

If you plan on unloading your goods, and you are not disposing of them immediately, then the bonding house is where you must place them. Remember, before any goods can be taken into the city proper they must be inspected for contraband first. Just go on over when your ready and see one of my agents to either place your goods in bond, have them inspected, or to pay your hawking tax. Good day and pleasant dealings.

Merchant Shops (19 shops in all):

None of Cherafir's mercantylers, except for the usurer, holds a franchise within the alienage; however, they are well informed when a vessel is coming into port and either send a representative or come themselves to observe what cargos are being unloaded. Therefore, if you are unable to obtain a pass to enter the city, you will have no problem in meeting one here. Most business in the Alienage is conducted on the docks, at the bonding house, or the inn. If you are allowed in the city and a member of the Mercantyler's Guild you may go to the guild's hall and approach a mercantyler there. Good luck in your dealings and may Halea smile down on you.

The Usurer's Shops (1 shop):

Do you have a note to cash, or do you need to have one drafted? How about a loan or maybe you need to exchange your currency. Well you don't even need to leave the Alienage to do any of these actions. All you need to do is go see Undarshil of Orlym, he is a freemaster mercantyler holding the usurer franchise for the Alienage. Watch out for his dogs though, they have been known to attack just about anyone. Someday I'll get the city authorities to allow me to have them taken away.

The Shipwright's Workshop (not in the Alienage):

Does your vessel need repairs, additions or spares; or maybe you looking at purchasing a boat or even a larger vessel. Well then, you need to see Kai of Intrel our local shipwright. Unfortunately he is not located here in the Alienage; but he does have agents visit the docks twice a day looking for anyone who needs work done. If you have a pass you can go to his workshop on the other side of the city on the Royal Haven. If you have a vessel that needs to be taken to his shops you must have a writ signed by him and the harbormaster whose residence is close by the shipwright's workshop.