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Welcome To My Hârnic Farmer's Almanac


Welcome, this is a new page for an ongoing project I have been working on for years. I love medieval history and a reoccurring theme throughout is the importance of land and agriculture to medieval society and its economy.

The focus of the associated pages to the almanac will be:

  • The importance of land within Hârnic society
  • The importance of agriculture to Hârnic society and the growth of civilization
  • The key events of the agricultural year and their impact on rural society
  • Manorialism and its key components
  • Running a manor per HârnManor
  • What is produced in the fields of Hârn
  • What livestock is maintained in the pastures of Hârn

These are just some of the areas I plan on addressing, and you know how plans work. So some ideas may never come to fruition and new ones may appear as time goes on. Some of the downloads I have done in the past will end up being associated with these ideas and new ones will be developed as ideas are explored and expounded upon.

If you have ideas to include in these pages please feel free to contact me with them either through the HârnForum or by using the contact link below.

Almanac: A usually annual reference book composed of various lists, tables, and often brief articles relating to a particular field or many general fields.