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A castellan was the governor or caretaker of a castle or keep. The word stems from the Latin Castellanus, derived from castellum 'castle'.

His role was often partway between that of a majordomo and that of a military administrator — while a castellan was responsible for the work of a castle's domestic staff, as a majordomo was, the castellan was also often responsible for maintaining defenses and protecting the castle's lands. This was particularly the case if there was no lord resident at the castle, or if the resident lord was frequently absent.

Hârn, and HârnWorld, are the fictional creations of N. Robin Crossby, a Vancouver-based writer. Hârn is an island located on the world of Kethira approximately where the United Kingdom is on Earth. It is a land of feudal kingdoms, barbaric tribesmen, and vicious monsters. It is also a land of secretive wizardry and religious turmoil, knights and hapless peasantry. HârnWorld is the name given to the overall environment, including the geography, history, cultures and societies; in other words, everything. -HârnWorld Intro

Merchants can be into two types:

Within these pages I will present information on how I see the feudal forces of Hârn. This includes the kingdoms of Chybisa, Kanday, Kaldor, Melderyn, Rethem and the Barony of Habe within the Kingdom of Azadmere. In addition, I will address some of the military aspects on Orbaalese, the Tardic Republic and the Elder races.

I envision the feudal forces of Hârn being modeled on those of medieval Europe between 1100-1250, give or take 50 years on either side. This excludes the armor and weapons used during the Hundred Years War between England and France and their like in other parts of Earth before or after the period listed. Although the developers of Hârn have drawn from periods prior to and after this period for some elements of the game, such as guilds, scandinavian elements and shipping to name a few, I feel from my discussions with them that the above period is what they based the feudal elements on. With that said, feel free to adapt any of the elements I present here to fit into your own version of Hârn or any other medieval setting you are using.

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