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Urban Militias

Urban Militias


Relating to cities or intensively developed areas. Contrast with rural, which refers to sparsely developed areas, or Suburb, which is a moderately developed area.


This militia, known as the fyrd, consisted of every able-bodied male of military age. It was traditionally used for defense only, and the sovereign could call upon the fyrd to fight if the men would be able to return to their homes by nightfall. Fyrd members were required to supply their own weapons, which they could use only in the service of the king.

After 1066 the victorious Normans retained this militia system, and successive English monarchs continued to rely on citizen soldiers for national defense.

Although I have already addressed the different troop types within a feudal society I felt this area needed further attention since it covers multiple society types and takes on a totally different aspect than the normal feudal levy.

As I stated on the home page I will base my descriptions of medieval tactics on those of medieval Europe between 1066 and 1250.

To assist the reader in seeing how I came up with my descriptions and conclusions I have included the historical references I relied on; however, since the Hârnic material is very sparse on tactics I have not reference anything from these sources.