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Religious Fighting Orders

Fighting Orders

Out of the three militaristic religions two have established militaristic fighting orders These being the churches of Larani and Agrik. With a few exceptions each fighting order is sponsored by a clerical of the appropriate church. Both churches are hostile towards each as are the gods they worship and these fighting orders are considered the weapons by which each gods combats the other upon Kethira.

This page will give a description of each church and its hierarchy with their respective orders. I will also give a description of each order per material published in the 'Gods of Hârn' module pushed long ago and now superseded by HârnReligion; which did not reprint the material on fighting orders. Finally, I plan on presenting material on the organization of these orders based on what I have gleaned from published material, fanon articles and my own thoughts.

Fighting Orders According to HârnWorld:
"The lay-followers of a deity are not (generally) required to support any particular order, but some lay warriors belong to fighting-orders sponsored by various clerical orders. The fighting-orders are commanded by Lay Grandmasters and comprised of (mostly) a number of knights bachelor. They may also have a commonality, that is a contingent of simple warriors. Fighting-Orders are generally devoted to some "high purpose", such as the protection of an important individual or institution, although some are really cynical, religious thugs."