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Laranian Fighting Orders

Fighting Orders

Almost every clerical order maintains and commands its own fighting order. These fighting orders are usually created to accomplish a specific task, such as protecting missionaries, caravan routes or religious establishments. Its members guard Laranian and Peonian temples and as warriors in the service of spiritual and/or secular lords. Although it is possible for an order to be created without a sponsoring clerical order, it is extremely rare.

Unlike the Agrikan church, which is very fragmented, the Laranian church has two orders based along geographical regions and the separate circumstances that brought them into being. Even so, if it was not for the tenants of chivalry and honor that the church espouses it is quite possible that the internal disputes of both orders would have split them into many separate orders long ago.

The hierarchy section will detail the command structure of Laranian fighting orders and the hierarchal disposition of their estates.

The military organization section details how the orders are organized in context to Laranian doctrine and also layout the specific organization of both its Hârnic fighting orders.

The Hârnic orders section gives a brief history of the two orders of Larani and identifies all of their holding within Hârn.

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