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Agrikan Fighting Orders

Fighting Orders

Almost every clerical order sponsors and theoretically commands its own Terahni. Their organization reflects the culture in which they are situated. In feudal states, Agrikan fighting orders consist of "knights" and often a commonality. In imperial states, they may copy legionary ranks. In the church hierarchy the Terahni rank in status between the laity and priesthood. They serve as temple guards, assassins, spies, and armies when their temples are at war.

A fighting order is the secular equivalent of the clerical order. Instead of temples it has chapter houses which vary in size and function. Some fighting orders are limited to a single barracks on the grounds of its sponsor's temple. Some have dozens of manors, castles, fortresses and hundreds of knights and commoners. Many are able to conduct military campaigns and they often achieve a high degree of independence. The headquarters of a fighting order are usually near the seat of its sponsoring clerical order. Most fighting orders have part time and full time members. The former are called up only in time of need and are generally of independent means.