The Alienage
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Mercantylism and Trade throughout Western Lýthia and Hârn

Gruthari of Thil - Guildmaster of the Mercantyler's Guild

Welcome Good Sir

Are you looking for a deal or that hard to find commodity; well you have come to the right place. Here at the Mercantyler's Hall we strive to provide the best services we can for fellow mercantylers. If your not a mercantyler do not fret, I am sure one of our brethren will be more than happy to assist you for a fee. After all, this establishment is meant for guild members only. Otherwise you will have to go to the local market and make the best deal you can on your own. We mercantylers are not the only merchants here in the Alienage. In fact the whole network of traders, shop owners, and many others make up what is called mercantylism. Read on and learn about mercantylism or use the links to the left to learn about the different aspects of mercantylism.


Mercantylism is the practice, methods, or spirit of merchants, not just those traveling from place to place buying and selling goods but also the craftsmen selling their wares locally; these are just some of the aspects of mercantylism that touches everyone in the Hârnic world. Mercantylism involves not only the large and/or small merchants who buy and sell goods; but also the individuals who assist in the collecting of raw materials, transportation, manufacturing, and a myriad of other activities involved along the way. -Mercantylism (2003) by Roy Denton

Western Lýthia vs Medieval Europe

As with the early and middle periods of medieval Europe, Western Lýthia is also experiencing growth within its economic concepts and operational practices. In Europe most of the advanced concepts of banking, contract law, commercial companies, etc. started in the region we now know as Northern Italy and spread north into France, Germany, England, and on up into Scandinavia and the regions bordering the Baltic. At the same time this was happening, these regions were not devoid of any mercantile operations of their own; however, many of these operations were very basic in concept and complexity.

This same phenomenon is also occurring within Western Lýthia In this case, the region encompassing the Karejian League, in the Venarian Sea, is playing the same role in Western Lýthia as Northern Italy did in medieval Europe. Like the Northern Italian city states, the Karejian League is in a position to intercept and control luxury trade coming from the east and bulk goods coming from the west.

It is in this region that the concepts developed within the Italian city states have also come to life. With the decline of the Azeryan Empire and the growing strength of the Karejian League, these concepts have spread throughout the old territories of the Empire. With the arrival of the Karejian Laruns into the far flung ports of Northwestern Lýthia, their ideas and practices are just now beginning to arrive within these farthest regions and in time may replace some of the less complex practices already being practiced there. Although an existing system is in place, many see these new ways of as being more efficient as the scale of business grows. However, there are those who believe that their ways work just fine for their own purposes and have no desire to change. As with Europe, the ports or regions that deal predominately with the merchants from these more advanced regions are more likely to adapt or adopt these new ideas. Whereas those who have no contact or limited contact will continue in their own ways until necessity demands some form of change.