The Alienage
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The Shipwright

Kai of Intrel - Freemaster Shipwright of Cherafir

Welcome Mate

Are you looking for a vessel or need of repair, well I am your man. Who am I? I am Kai of Intrel Cherafir's freemaster shipwright. As you can see from my yard, I build and refurbish vessels. Although I and my men are skilled in the arts of shipbuilding, we specialize in clinker construction and if your need is great we could do minor repairs on a vessel like a Karune; but don't ask us to build one for those, the Trierzi won't part with their secrets that easily.

Within my yard you will learn about the various arts of the shipwright and the vessels they can build. Remember, we just don't build large sea going merchantmen; we also construct smaller vessels for inland water ways, longboats for war and in other regions even more specialized vessels for war and commerce. In addition, you can learn about how kingdoms use vessels to patrol and protect their domains and to conduct export/import operations. If you stick around long enough you will undoubtedly see additional topics pop up as time goes on.