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The Shipwright

The Shipyard

General Information

Although many believe that the shipyard is where most of its work is conducted, the fact is that the yard is more of a storage and preparation center than an actual workshop. It takes a lot of lumber to build and/or repair a ship and therefore a huge space is required to store and cure it. Most yards may have at least one slip on site for the more important jobs; however, most of the actual construction and/or repair work is conducted in off site work areas located along waterway close to the shipyard.

Unlike most medieval and Hârnic workshops, the shipyard is a very diverse site. It is serviced by not only members of the shipwright's guild but also members of the woodworkers, timberwrights, and metalworkers to name a few of the other Hârnic guilds. The sites can be relatively large and located in cities and villages or even along some navigatable river banks.

The Associated links will look at the staff, workings, and ancillary work sites of a shipyard.