The Alienage
All Things Relating to Trade, Shipping, and Commodities

The Mercantyler's Guild

Product Lists and Prices

The links associated with this page are compiled from the 1984 version of Harndex. In this issue first issue published by CGI the entries for each guild also listed the goods and services they provided and the suggested retail prices for those goods and services.

I have updated the 1984 information with input from the price list found in HârnPlayer. So where HârnPlayer has a different price from the Harndex issue mentioned above I have adopted it.

Below are lists of the guilds associated with the craftguilds, tradeguilds, and the agricultural field.


Apothecary Chandler Charcoaler Clothier Glassworker
Harper Hideworker Innkeeper Jeweler Lexigrapher
Locksmith Mason Metalsmith Miler Miner
Ostler Perfumer Potter Salter Shipwright
Tentmaker Timberwright Weaponcrafter Woodcrafter  


Animal Trainer Arcane Lore Courtesan Embalmer Harper
Herald Lia-Kavair Litigant Physician Pilot
Seaman Thespian      

Agricultural Fields:

Butcher Cereals Dairy Fish and Crustaceans Fruits
Livestock and Game Poultry Vegetables Miscellaneous