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Managing a Manor With HârnManor


Annual Game Play of the Manor

You can choose to play out the management of a manor on a game year to game year basis or skip the events section altogether. This page will not go into detail, but will focus on the events and how they affect gaming the management of a manor. The HârnManor rule set and the spreadsheet have detailed instruction on how to play through each event.

Manor Events

Manor Events can be found on Manor 35-36 in the rule set and the tab labeled 'Manorial Events.' The rule set has this to say about Manor Events.

A vibrant manor, with a life of its own, adds depth to the role-playing experience and makes the whole game seem more real. This section contains rules for generating a number of problems to trouble the lord's repose.

All random events are meant to be inspirational rather than hard and fast rules. Discard any event that seems excessive or just wrong for the situation. The idea is to create headaches for the lord, not the GM.

Tenant Fate

Tenant Fate can be found on Manor 38 in the rule set and the tab labeled 'Tenant Fate.' The rule set has this to say about Tenant Fate.

The welfare of tenant households is subject to change. This is determined each year prior to the Manor Budget. Ideally, the Tenant Fate involves negotiation between the tenant and the lord. The routine generates changes to acres held, and to labor and kind obligations. Temporary changes (valid only for one year) are entered only as adjustments in the Notes column. The lord is at liberty to grant all, part, or none of a tenant petition. If the lord is unreasonable, the tenant might take illegal action.

Tenant Fate also allow a village's population to grow or decline, instead of it staying static. However, if you do not wish to meddle with Tenant Fate and don't care if your village grows or not, that's fine.

The Annual Budget

The annual budget works much the same as the initial budget. The difference being that you have to add in the adjustments mentioned above.

Hallmoot Events

Hallmoot Events can be found on Manor 37 in the rule set and the tab labeled 'Hallmoot Routine.' The rule set has this to say about Hallmoot Events.

A lord might have to deal with dozens of cases in the course of a year, but in roleplaying this is rarely practical. However, it is a good idea to play out at least one Hallmoot in detail to give players a sense of manorial justice, and to give a GM a chance to s=assess the lord's legal policies and management style. A court session or two can also generate events that lead to adventures.