The Alienage
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Religious Manors and HârnManor


Using the Advanced Features

HârnManor has a number of optional advanced features that I will address here. If using paper and pencil you'll need the HârnManor rule set, I will only introduce them here. If you use the spreadsheet there is one with the advanced features and instructions already incorporated.

Military Substitution

On Manor 12 you have a table on Military Substitutions, this allows you to substitute one class of yeoman for others (e.g. If you generated a lone Longbowman you could have more yeomen by making him a Light Foot and then changing two more freehold Farmers to Light Foot, a 1:3 ratio).

Describing Tenants

On Manor 14 there is the Describing Tenants table that you can roll on for each of your tenant households and get a basic description of the head of the household.


I included Loyalty in the section on building the manorial household; however, it is an option and you don't have to do it.

What is in my woods?

On Manor 21 is a table for generating possible finds within the manorial woods.

Weather Averaging

On Manor 23 is an option that allows you to roll five times on the weather table and then average the results for a Weather Index. The five rolls represent the crop growing season.

Tenant Officer Skills

On Manor 23 you also have the option of using the tenant officer's MLs to affect the results of various items during the budget process.

Seed Storage and Loss

On Manor 24 is the option to allow the loss of seed for various reasons.

Timberwright and Assart

On Manor 25 is the option to allow a lord to bond a timberwright to do his assarting and thus eliminate the labor cost.

Lifestyle and Prestige

On Manor 27 is the option covering lifestyle and prestige. A lord makes points not by how much he saves but the appearance of wealth he displays, this option brings that element into being.

Church Manors

I developed a basic and advanced spreadsheet just because of this section of the rules, found on Manor 28. This is for anyone who has a manor with a religious house on it; such as an abbey.

Advanced Crops and Livestock Rules

My advanced spreadsheets were specifically designed to take these two option into account.


On Manor 29 you have the optional rules that allow you to choose the specific crops being planted in your fields. Be careful of the crops you choose because the climate where you live may cause them to fail.


On Manor 30 you have the optional rules that allow you to choose the specific livestock being grazed in your pastures.


This option is on Manor 31 and another that I incorporated into the basic spreadsheet already. The type of topography your manor sits in does affect your woods, crops, and pasture acres. By using the Topography Table you get the percentages that your manor will initially start with. In addition, manors that are established within forests or along a coast gain some additional benefits from trappers or fishermen who are tenants.

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